Our 28 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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 1. Has RMC released updated self-study materials for the new PMP® exam, which PMI rolled out in July of 2013?

A. Yes. A completely updated edition of Rita's best-selling book PMP® Exam Prep is now available and can be ordered from the RMC website. New editions of Hot Topics Exam Flashcards and PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software have also been released and are available for immediate purchase. If you wish to distribute or resell these products, send an email to accounting@rmcls.com for more information.

 2. What discounts are available on RMC products and/or classes?

A. RMC offers special discounts on products for bulk purchasers of materials for orders exceeding 20 items. There are also discount programs available for PMI® Chapter offices (not individual chapter members), as well as instructor discounts for organizations that use RMC materials to teach their own classes. In terms of RMC classes, the only discounts available are for organizations looking to purchase 5 or more class seats on the same invoice (seats can be used at any time). If you would like to inquire about a bulk product discount or group class discount, please contact our Customer Service department at (952) 846-4484 or via email at info@rmcls.com.

 3. How do I apply for PDUs after I earn them?

A. To find the forms, go to the PMI® website (www.pmi.org), and type PMI Certifications CCR Reporting Forms in the search field. The resulting page gives you the option of downloading the registration form or applying for your PDUs online.

 4. How do I earn and get credit for the 35 Contact Hours for my PMP® Exam Prep online course, or the 23 Contact Hours for my CAPM® Exam Prep online course? How will PMI know that I completed it?

A. Because RMC is a PMI® Registered Education Provider (REP), all of its courses are registered with PMI for a specific number of Contact Hours and/or PDUs. For our PMP® Exam Prep eLearning course, PMI approved the granting of thirty-five (35) Contact Hours to registrants in this class. For our CAPM® Exam Prep eLearning course, PMI approved the granting of twenty-three (23) Contact Hours to registrants in this class. When you are applying to take the exam, simply list the course on your application along with the 35 or 23 Contact Hours.

In the event of an audit of your Contact Hours by PMI, RMC will be contacted and will verify on your behalf that you in fact participated in the course in question.

 5. Can I get the products for my PMP® Exam Prep class shipped to me before the class begins?

A. Although we will not ship PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software or Hot Topics PMP® flashcards to students in advance, you may request to have the PMP® Exam Prep study guide shipped immediately upon payment of your registration fee. In fact, we highly recommend you read as much of this book as possible prior to the first day—you're only helping yourself! On the other hand, we recommend that students NOT use the PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software or Hot Topics PMP® Flashcards prior to the first day of class, as they are specifically designed to be used by students AFTER our course is completed.

 6. How long after taking my 2-day PMP® Exam Prep class would you recommend I wait before taking the PMP® exam?

A. Although there is no one correct answer for all situations, RMC recommends that you study for no more than 40 additional hours after taking our 2-day class prior to taking the exam. RMC also recommends that you wait no longer than two (2) months after class to take the exam, as your memory of the techniques you learned in class will begin to fade. The bottom line is this—if you are consistently scoring an 75% or better on the PMP® Exam Simulations within PM FASTrack, you're ready.

 7. Do I receive any materials with the PMP® Exam Prep eLearning course?

A. Other than the PMBOK® Guide, which you must purchase on your own, everything you need to study for the PMP® exam is contained in the eLearning course.

 8. What do I need to do prior to the first day of my PMP® Exam Prep course?

A. RMC strongly recommends that you do four things prior to the first day of class: 1) obtain and read through the PMBOK® Guide at least one time, 2) review any basic project management training notes from previous classes you may have taken, 3) begin your application to take the exam, and 4) complete the JumpStart prework, which you will receive via email after registration.

 9. Are there special room rates at the class location hotel for RMC students?

A. For some classes RMC will reserve a small block of discounted hotel rooms onsite at the class location. These rooms are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be booked by the student directly. RMC does not coordinate, collect money for or make hotel arrangements on behalf of students.

 10. What is your course guarantee?

A. For any course we deliver, RMC offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you express your dissatisfaction with the course prior to noon on the first day. Simply inform the instructor, leave your materials at your workspace, and leave—and you will receive a full refund. RMC also offers a special "Pass the PMP® Exam" guarantee for its 2-day and 4-day PMP® Exam Prep classes, and a "Pass the CAPM® Exam" guarantee for its 2-day CAPM® Exam Prep class. Read more about these guarantees.

 11. Can I Use RMC's Products in My Own Training Class?

A. Yes, but there are several restrictions. For example, instructors cannot use PM FASTrack in a group setting as a teaching tool unless every student in the course owns his or her copy. In addition, creating class slides or handouts using content taken directly from RMC's materials, without written permission from RMC, is expressly prohibited—and is, in fact, a violation of RMC's copyright.

RMC has a Partner Program available to assist instructors in using our materials to enhance their teaching. Use this form to apply, or contact RMC at info@rmcls.com for more details.

 12. Can I audit an RMC class on behalf of my company?

A. No. RMC does not allow auditing of its classes for any reason. Students who attend RMC classes are expected to participate to the fullest extent; therefore auditing of a class is not an option. In addition, certified project managers are not allowed to attend an exam preparation course that is based on a certification that they already hold; i.e. PMP-certified project managers may not register for a PMP® exam preparation course, and CAPM-certified project managers may not register for a CAPM® exam preparation course. Students who are found in violation of this policy will be removed from the class registration list immediately, and/or asked to leave the classroom immediately if the class has already begun.

 13. Is the PMP® Exam Prep class geared only toward those preparing for the exam?

A. Yes. Our PMP® Exam Prep class is designed specifically for project managers looking to pass the PMP® exam. If you are looking for general or advanced project management training, or are looking to earn a different certification please review our current list of PM training classes.

 14. RMC is not coming to my area any time soon. Can you add a class near my location?

A. RMC is always looking to visit a new city, a new region of the United States or even a country that it currently does not regularly visit. If you would like us to consider scheduling a class in your area, please send an email to info@rmcls.com with the details of your request. And remember—if you can convince some friends and co-workers to attend, the chances that we will schedule a class in your area increase significantly.

 15. How do your classes and products differ from those of your competitors?

A. As a matter of policy, RMC will not compare its classes and products with those offered by other companies. If you wish to know how RMC's offerings stack up against others, you will need to perform this research on your own.

 16. What are the requirements to sit for the PMP® exam?

A. Requirements are clearly stated on the PMI® website. You may view them by going to the PMI® website (www.pmi.org) and selecting the link under "Certification".

 17. What is the difference between Contact Hours and PDUs?

A. Contact Hours and Professional Development Units (PDUs) are associated with two certifications offered by the Project Management Institute—the CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) and the PMP® (Project Management Professional). Essentially, Contact Hours and PDUs are "credits for training." The difference is, Contact Hours are earned BEFORE you get your PMP® or CAPM®, and PDUs are earned AFTER you earn your PMP® certification. Note also that PDUs are a mandatory part of retaining your PMP® certification once you pass the exam. Non-PMPs and non-CAPMs cannot earn PDUs; and similarly, PMPs cannot earn Contact Hours.

Prior to applying to take the PMP® exam, you must earn 35 Contact Hours. Prior to taking the CAPM® exam, you must either earn 23 Contact Hours or provide proof of 1,500 hours of project management experience. Once you have earned your PMP® certification, you must earn 60 PDUs every three years in order to remain certified. Note that as a PMI® Registered Education Provider, RMC offers a complete line of classes and products for project managers looking to earn both Contact Hours and PDUs.

 18. Is RMC interested in forming a partnership with my company to translate its products into another language, or distribute its products in my area?

A. RMC is always looking for opportunities to broaden the exposure of its products. If you are interested in pursuing an agreement of this type, please complete this partnership application form.

 19. Is it a good idea to purchase used copies of RMC materials?

A. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is almost always a resounding "No." RMC is constantly upgrading and updating its entire product line, and releasing new versions of its products. If you purchase a used copy of an RMC product, there is always a chance the information will be outdated and/or will not match recent changes to various project management standards and practices.

Also note that selling or purchasing a used copy of our PM FASTrack Exam Simulation Software is not only a bad idea, it is ILLEGAL. This product is sold on an individual user license basis, and this software license is not transferable to third parties for any reason.

 20. Do you sell PMP® Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy in eBook, PDF or electronic download format?

A. No. Since the year 1998, RMC Publications has been the sole and singular publisher, printer and owner of the book PMP® Exam Prep by author Rita Mulcahy. And over that time we have never sold PMP® Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy in an electronic or otherwise downloadable format. If you have recently purchased an e-copy of our book, it is important for you to know two things: 1) you have been scammed, and 2) the file you downloaded may contain a virus or spyware.

If you have been the unfortunate victim of this scam, please be sure to remove the file from your device immediately, perform a virus scan, contact the seller to request your money back, and report the seller to the proper authorities. Also, please use our Report a Copyright Violation Form to submit an anonymous report to RMC, so we may follow up as well.

 21. How do I earn up to 15 PDUs for reading Rita's Risk Management Book?

A. To earn up to 15 self-study PDUs for reading this book, simply track the time it takes you to read the book and complete all the exercises. Then submit a Continuing Certification Requirements Activity Form and a Self Directed Learning Activities Worksheet to PMI to earn PDUs for the number of hours you spent. Note that 15 PDUs is the maximum allowed for self-directed study.

To find the forms, go to the PMI® website (www.pmi.org), select Career Development, then Certification & Credentials, then Continuing Certification Requirements. Forms can be submitted to PMI online or by mail.

 22. What help is available for instructors who teach project management?

A. RMC has a Partner Program available to assist instructors in using our materials to enhance their teaching. Use this form to apply, or contact RMC at info@rmcls.com for more details.

 23. What shipping carriers does RMC use? How can I track my package?

A. For orders shipping within the United States, we use UPS or USPS, the carrier will be noted specifically in the "Shipment Tracking No." field of your shipping confirmation email. Track your package according to carrier at either www.ups.com or www.usps.com. For shipments outside of the United States, we use DHL. To track your package, go to www.dhl.com and enter the ship tracking number from your e-mail receipt from RMC.

 24. What is your return policy?

A. For eLearning courses, please see our Online Course Policies.

For physical products purchased directly from RMC, we will do everything we can prior to your purchase to ensure that the products you're purchasing are right for you and work with your system (in the case of software). However, all sales are final.

For RMC products purchased through an authorized distributor (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, etc.) you must deal with the distributor directly.

 25. What do you recommend I do to prepare for the CAPM® exam?

A. RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) can assist you in preparing for the CAPM® exam by providing you with self-study products, classroom-based training or eLearning courses. To prepare for the CAPM® exam, RMC recommends one of these three options:

  1. Enroll in RMC's new CAPM® Exam Prep eLearning course;
  2. Take our 2-day CAPM® Exam Prep classroom-based course; or
  3. Self-study using the latest edition of the PMBOK® Guide, our Hot Topics flashcards, our CAPM® Exam Prep book and our PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software for the CAPM Exam.

 26. Would it hurt me to use the Seventh Edition to study for my PMP® exam? If so how? What are the main differences between the two books?

A. RMC DOES NOT RECOMMEND that students use previous edition RMC products to study for updated PMP® exams. PMI typically makes significant changes to the exam—changes which are simply not reflected in older editions of RMC materials.

 27. I have a mandatory work-related conference call scheduled during class time. How much of the class can I miss and still receive credit?

A. Per PMI regulations as stated in both the CAPM® Credential Handbook and the PMP® Credential Handbook, project managers can earn a Certificate of Completion and claim Contact Hours or PDUs by demonstrating the "successful completion" of courses, workshops, and training sessions. In regard to this PMI policy, a Certificate of Completion will be issued by RMC for a given course only if the following conditions are met:

For a ½ Day Course – The student misses no more than thirty (30) minutes of non-break training time.

For a 1-Day Course – The student misses no more than one (1) hour of non-break training time.

For a Multi-Day Course – The student misses an average of no more than one (1) hour of non-break training time per day of the course.

For example, under the multi-day course scenario a student may miss a total of two training hours of a 2-day course, three total training hours of a 3-day course, four total training hours of a 4-day course, and so on.

Note that if the conditions above are not met, RMC will not issue the student a Certificate of Completion—which means the student will not be able to claim Contact Hours or PDUs for the class in question. In addition, not meeting the conditions listed above for an exam prep course (CAPM® or PMP®) will render RMC's 'Pass the Exam' guarantee for that particular course null and void. Students may request to retake the portions of the class that were missed, but RMC reserves the right to deny and/or charge a fee for any retakes that are requested and approved.

 28. I want to extend my use of the PM FASTrack® software beyond one year. What are my options?

A. Each installation of PM FASTrack Exam Simulation Software is valid for exactly one (1) year from the date of initial registration. At that time the software license will expire, and the application will revert to Demonstration Mode. Students who possess and are the original installer of a legally acquired and licensed copy of PM FASTrack may purchase an extension after the initial 1-year period expires. A 3-month PM FASTrack extension can be purchased directly from RMC for the cost of $75, by contacting Customer Service directly during regular business hours. Only one extension may be purchased per customer, and students who require additional use after their first extension must re-purchase a new copy of PM FASTrack at list price.

Also note that RMC will not sell an extension to any PM FASTrack user with fraudulent activity associated with their original installation, or to any PM FASTrack user who gave false or misleading information when registering their original copy. Due to concerns with fraudulent use and sharing, RMC will not grant extensions to any purchaser of PM FASTrack who is already certified, for any reason.

 29. What are the Technical Requirements for using an RMC eLearning course?

A. RMC is in the process of updating all eLearning courses from an Adobe Flash platform to an HTML5 platform. Most eLearning courses are currently using the Flash format. Technical specifications for both formats can be found here.

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