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The IIBA® has announced its new four level certification program for business analysis professionals. This is a significant step forward for the IIBA® towards its mission "…to unite a community of professionals to provide better business outcomes." The organization, started in 2004, continues to advance the understanding and practice of business analysis.

RMC Learning Solutions is proud to partner with the IIBA® as an Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) and supports this new certification program for business analysis professionals.

Business analysis is challenging work requiring critical thinking, problem solving and superior communication skills. It requires an open, creative mind and a willingness to recommend changes within organizations making them more efficient, more effective, and helping them fulfill their stated missions.

The IIBA® desires to support professionals who perform business analysis work from the beginning of their careers by emphasizing lifelong learning. The new four level certification program supports this lifelong learning by providing an entry level recognition for people just getting started with their business analysis journey. Levels 2 and 3 recognize increase expertise through both work experience and the acquisition of additional knowledge and skills. The fourth level is still being defined and is intended to recognize senior level BAs who continue to grow in their expertise and contribute their experience and ideas with the IIBA® business analysis community.

ECBA™ - Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™

The IIBA® has defined the learning objectives of the ECBA which are aligned with it's A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Version 3 (BABOK® Guide V3). The ECBA is open to individuals without formal business analysis experience who have learned business analysis terminology, tasks, and techniques as defined in the IIBA®'s BABOK Guide V3. Individuals interested in the EBAP may include college students, graduates, or professionals with different work experience looking for a career change.

To earn the ECBA, you must apply for certification and pass a knowledge-based exam. This multiple choice style exam will test exam takers on basic business analysis terms, tasks and techniques.

RMC offers BA Fundamentals training to expose students to the full spectrum of business analysis responsibilities using business case studies and practice activities to help reinforce learning. This course is available in eLearning, instructor-led virtual, and classroom formats.

RMC also offers free downloadable resources such as the BABOK Guide v3 quickguide.

CCBA® - Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™

More complete information on the CCBA® Certification is available here.

CCBA® test takers benefit from experience with the techniques and tasks in the BABOK Guide V3. RMC's skill building classes are all case study-based and will give you practice using many of these tasks and techniques. In addition, Business Analysis Fundamentals, Eliciting and Modeling Requirements and Facilitation Skills Workshop are three classes which would provide you with both knowledge and experience in several tasks and techniques.

CBAP® - Certified Business Analysis Professional™

More complete information on the CBAP® Certification is available here.

Like the CCBA®, candidates for the CBAP® must understand BA knowledge and generally-accepted practices represented by the BABOK Guide V3 and be able to apply the knowledge to the case study challenges. Experience is the best preparation for this exam so you should inventory your experience and fill your gaps by attending skills building workshops such as Eliciting and Modeling Requirements or Facilitation Skills Workshop.

CBATL™ - Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader™

This top level designation was created to recognize the lifelong learner and acknowledges that the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in business analysis will continue to evolve. An excellent business analysis professional will learn about new technologies, new organizational challenges, and new collaboration approaches throughout their entire career. Like most other professions, change is constant so to stay sharp and effective, business analysts must continuously learn and evolve. The CBATL will recognize these achievements in the community. Details about how to achieve this fourth level are still being defined by the IIBA.

Like the IIBA, RMC Learning Solutions believes in lifelong learning and the importance of keeping current as new ideas, technologies, and techniques arise. RMC is constantly developing new learning resources to provide its customers with current best practices in business analysis, project management, software development, and general business skills. Sign up for our mailing list and you will be notified whenever new content is available.

IIBA Certification Exam Prep Classes and Products

At RMC we strive to "practice what we preach", so when new certifications are offered by professional associations we perform strategy analysis to determine if, when and how we will offer certification preparation products. Our analysis includes an assessment of how well the new program aligns with our corporate vision, customer requests, financial projections of potential profitability, portfolio prioritization against other new product ideas, and resource availability. RMC monitors the industry adoption of these programs along with announced or expected changes to them. A strong business case includes not only current cost/benefit analysis, but also expected future maintenance costs. We re-evaluate our portfolio of projects quarterly and make adjustments based on current market conditions.

Currently RMC does not offer an exam prep class or specific exam prep materials focused on preparing students to take IIBA exams. Students interested in the ECBA or CCBA certifications may find the in-depth business analysis overview provided by PMI-PBA® Exam Prep useful. The PMI-PBA® Exam Prep class would also be helpful, but be aware that the exam passing guarantee for this class doesn't extend to the IIBA certifications.

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