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RMC Learning Solutions Course Policies

Don't Waste Time! Don't Waste Money!

We do not fool around! RMC Learning Solutions offers the most effective, innovative Core project management, PMP® Exam Prep and Advanced project management courses available. Our courses use Accelerated Learning Theory and Adult Learning Theory to present more content in a shorter period of time and instill more information and practical techniques than other courses. We are also constantly updating our courses. Most classes undergo three to four major upgrades per year.

Our courses are developed in accordance with International project management standards, and world-wide best practices. RMC Learning Solutions' courses are taught by certified project managers (PMPs) who are experienced project managers and are excellent instructors. The average rating for these courses is 9.45 to a perfect 10! People have told us that they learned more in 10 minutes of our classes than they did from other entire classes.

Register Early

RMC Learning Solutions courses frequently sell out. We encourage you to register early.


Payment for all courses must be received at least two weeks before the course begins to hold your reservation. Changing registrations may create additional fees.

Cancellation Policy

If your registration must be cancelled:

Transfer Policy

An Account Manager or Student may transfer a registration to any other comparable class, provided there is space available. There shall be no charge for the first transfer. All subsequent transfers will be assessed a $50.00 fee per class, per transfer. Transfers must be made prior to the first day of class, and no refunds will be given for transfer requests made on or after the first day of class. RMC Learning Solutions will consider this a completed sale. In addition, no refund will be given for any cancelled registration if it has been previously transferred one or more times. RMC Learning Solutions will also consider this a completed sale.

Partial Absences

Per PMI regulations as stated in both the CAPM® Credential Handbook and the PMP® Credential Handbook, project managers can earn a Certificate of Completion and claim Contact Hours or PDUs by demonstrating the "successful completion" of courses, workshops, and training sessions. In regard to this PMI policy, a Certificate of Completion will be issued by RMC for a given course only if the following conditions are met:

For example, under the multi-day course scenario a student may miss a total of two training hours of a 2-day course, three total training hours of a 3-day course, four total training hours of a 4-day course, and so on.

Note that if the conditions above are not met, RMC will not issue the student a Certificate of Completion—which means the student will not be able to claim Contact Hours or PDUs for the class in question. In addition, not meeting the conditions listed above for an exam prep course (CAPM® or PMP®) will render RMC's course guarantee for that particular course null and void. Students may request to retake the portions of the class that were missed, but RMC reserves the right to deny and/or charge a fee for any retakes that are requested and approved.

Auditing of RMC Classes

RMC does not allow auditing of its classes for any reason. Students who attend RMC classes are expected to participate to the fullest extent; therefore auditing of a class is not an option. In addition, students are not allowed to attend an exam preparation course that is based on a certification that they already hold, already teach, or are intending to teach to others. For example, PMP-certified project managers or Project Management instructors may not register for a PMP® exam preparation course, and CAPM-certified project managers or Project Management instructors may not register for a CAPM® exam preparation course. Students who are found in violation of this policy will be removed from the class registration list immediately, and/or asked to leave the classroom immediately if the class has already begun.

Money-Back Guarantee

RMC Learning Solutions is convinced that you will receive more than enough ideas and project management techniques from our courses to consider them an excellent investment. However, if by the first break of your first day in class you feel that the course is not for you, simply return your workbook and other materials and request a refund.

Tax Deduction

All expenses of continuing education (fees, travel, meals and lodging) undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills are tax deductible (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5). Consult your accountant about tax deductible expenses.

Recording of Classes

RMC Learning Solutions courses are copyrighted. Visual and/or audio recording of RMC courses is strictly prohibited.


Instructors are subject to change at any time.

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