PM Crash Course®—eLearning Course

Lessons and Learning Objectives

Online Course Overview

Every year, thousands of people are thrust into projects or project management roles at their companies. In fact, many project managers are assigned to or even placed in charge of high-profile projects—potentially worth millions of dollars to their organizations—with no tools, no direction, and little structured training. If you've recently been propelled into a project management role at your company, RMC can help!

This 8-hour online course in real-world project management is perfect for people who are looking to get projects back on track, find easy-to-use tools that can make an immediate impact, or too busy to learn the fundamentals of project management. If you feel like you're winging it, running out of time, or losing control, you need this 8 hours of online training to start managing your projects the RIGHT way!

This online, interactive, multimedia-based course is ideal for people who wish to participate in structured project management training, but at the same time work at their own pace—without travel or days out of the office. The course is based on Rita Mulcahy's best-selling book PM Crash Course® Second Edition, and consists of a wide variety of online tools and learning aids including games, exercises, a course workbook, and more.

Online Course Features

The course includes the following instructional design features:

  • A 16-Section Tutorial that will help students quickly acquire Tricks of the Trade® and other techniques to complete projects on time, on budget, and with fewer headaches.
  • An Engaging Course Format that brings students through each bite-sized lesson with color and fun so that they are never bored.
  • A Course Workbook for students to apply what they learn from each lesson to their own projects—and take it with them when the course is over.
  • Downloadable Document Templates for students to begin using on their own projects.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you WILL be able to:

  1. Begin projects with a firm foundation
  2. Prevent project problems before they happen
  3. Manage day-to-day project work
  4. Deliver the product and close out the project

Course Lessons

The course is organized into the following sections:

  • Welcome
  • Key Concepts
  • Key Project Roles
  • The Project Management Process
  • The Project Charter
  • Gain, Create, and Use Historical Information
  • Identify and Manage Stakeholders
  • Requirements and the Project Scope Statement
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Estimating
  • Create a Project Schedule and Budget
  • Quality Management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Close the Project
  • Other Project Management Approaches

Technical Requirements

  • Cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher, or any version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.
  • Requires a device (computer or tablet—6 inch screen minimum) connected to the Internet.
  • Broadband Internet recommended.
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in your browser.
  • Pop-ups should be allowed.
  • This course will use data if viewed in a mobile environment.

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Please note that RMC is in the process of updating all eLearning courses from an Adobe Flash platform to an HTML5 platform. Courses that have not yet been converted will have a technical specification that differs from the one above. Click here for more information.

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