Project Communication and Stakeholder Engagement eLearning Course

Lessons and Learning Objectives

Online Course Overview

Did you know that communication is reported to be the number one problem on projects? Is stakeholder engagement a weak area in your otherwise strong project performance?

Formerly titled "Improving Project Communication," this eLearning course has been expanded to take you beyond the components of communications management and stakeholder engagement by providing real-world solutions that can be applied to all projects.

The course is designed for new or experienced project managers, business analysts, and other project team members, who have struggled with project communications and have had difficulties keeping stakeholders engaged. It will teach you how to identify all of your stakeholders AND introduce new ways to help you uncover their requirements, expectations, and communications needs by using globally relevant experiences and thought-provoking exercises. You'll also learn practical and simple-to-implement methods for communications planning and be led step-by-step through the barriers impeding effective communication. Learn to adjust your approach to meet the needs of the team and project, as well as manage stakeholder expectations to prevent communication problems before they start!

Online Course Features

This updated online course offers:

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Draft a comprehensive communications management plan that can be referred to often throughout your project to enhance stakeholder engagement
  2. Identify and define different methods to find those stakeholders you've been missing
  3. Select from a library of techniques to elicit stakeholder needs and requirements
  4. Plan ahead for common communication barriers that undermine the success of a project
  5. Customize stakeholder register and stakeholder engagement plan templates to meet the current needs of your projects
  6. Analyze and classify your project stakeholders to streamline your communications and keep them engaged at the same time
  7. Never send a poorly written email or facilitate a boring meeting again!

Course Outline

The course is organized into the following sections:

Technical Requirements

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Please note that RMC is in the process of updating all eLearning courses from an Adobe Flash platform to an HTML5 platform. Courses that have not yet been converted will have a technical specification that differs from the one above. Click here for more information.

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