Stop Playing Games: Overcoming Politics on Projects eLearning Course

Lessons and Learning Objectives

Online Course Overview

This one-of-a-kind eLearning course takes a completely different look at project management, using games like "The Pricing Game," "Guess the Truth" and "Grapevine" to illustrate and help readers overcome organizational politics on projects. This 8-hour eLearning course dives deep into the topics of gaining buy-in from upper management, accurately estimating time and cost, controlling project communication, managing within corporate culture, taking care of your team, and more. Challenges and issues covered in this eLearning course include:

  • Presenting management with realistic options
  • Getting your point across without confrontation
  • Controlling the message and the communication channels
  • Utilizing honesty and trust as a project management tool
  • Knowing what is under your control, and what is not
  • Overcoming poor project management conditions
  • Making real change happen—without taking things personally

If navigating organizational politics is stifling your ability to effectively manage projects, you need to register for the eLearning course today!

Online Course Features

In this course, students will have access to:

  • An 11-section interactive tutorial
  • 75+ interactive learning-based exercises
  • A course blog for sharing ideas with other students
  • 80+ audio and video narrations
  • A project politics 'Action Plan'
  • 8 Contact Hours toward a CAPM® or PMP® certification, or 8 PDUs toward retaining a PMP® or PgMP®

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Manage projects within their own corporate culture
  2. Gain project buy-in from upper management
  3. Accurately estimate project time and cost
  4. Control both the message and the communication channels
  5. Overcome less-than-ideal project management conditions
  6. Get their point across without confrontation
  7. Utilize honesty and trust as an effective PM tool

Course Outline

The course is organized into the following sections:

  • Introduction
    • How to Use This Course
    • Your Action Plan
    • Course Introduction
  • The Status of Our Profession
    • Project Management Success-Blockers
    • The Halo Effect
    • Where Do You Fit?
    • Not Everybody Can Be a Project Manager!
    • Requirements of a Project Manager
    • Changing the Common Practices
    • Example of Flawed Thinking: Risk Management
    • Great Quotes in Project Management History
  • Finding Value in Project Management
    • Articulating the Value of Project Management
    • Arbitrary Definitions Create Too Many Projects!
    • Factors Affecting Project Selection
    • How Should Projects Be Selected?
    • Deciding Which Projects to Accept
    • The Project Manager's Role in Establishing Value
    • Conversation: Educating Executives
    • Break the Cycle of Failing Projects
  • The Pricing Game
    • What Is the Pricing Game?
    • Alternatives to the Pricing Game
    • PERT in Your Real World
    • The Project Manager's Role
    • Present the Options to the Sponsor
    • Establish Context
    • Seeing a Culture Change
    • Using Risk Management in the Context of Estimates
    • Important Metrics to Know
    • Never Just Throw A Number
    • Ways to Stop the Pricing Game
  • Guess the Truth!
    • "It Is What It Is"
    • Reasons Project Managers Hide the Truth
    • What Activities Are Cut?
    • Bad Example vs. Good Example
    • Benefits of Revealing the Truth
    • Present Options
    • Preventive Actions
    • Corrective Actions
    • Good Communication Is Key
    • Make Assumptive Statements
    • Don't Press Too Hard
  • Grapevine
    • Communicate Often
    • Standard Status Report
    • Status Report Integrity Issues
    • Receiving Value from Status Reports
    • Problems and Misconceptions with Status Reports
    • Percent Complete
    • Earned Value
    • Change Your Methods of Communication
    • The Issue Log Game
  • The Right Price
    • Why Is the Right Price Game Played?
    • The Right Price Game: Not Just for External Vendors
    • Establishing Three-Point Estimates
    • The Pricing Estimator
    • Combat the Mistrust
    • The Pricing Estimator in Action
    • Achieve a Common Understanding
    • Keep a Standardized Spreadsheet
    • Games Played with Contracts
    • Fixed Price and Time and Material Contracts
    • Cost Reimbursable Contract
  • Hit the Rodent
    • Key Formula
    • Scheduling Tool Options
    • Real-World Software
    • Tricks of the Trade®: Scheduling Tool
    • Scheduling Tool Frustrations
    • Data = Getting What You Need
    • Don't Become a Rodent Head!
    • Creating Chang
    • Data As an Argument for Change
  • Marco! Polo!
    • A Plan Is a Must
    • Producing an Accurate Schedule
    • Using "I Don't Know"
    • Perpetuating Mistakes
    • Project Managers Cannot Guarantee Dates
    • Build a Data Stream
  • Armchair Quarterback
    • What Actually Happened
    • Armchair Quarterbacking Can Get Ugly
    • You Might Reap What You Sow
    • The Fallout of Armchair Quarterbacking
    • Have the Right Attitude
    • Three Options
    • Choose a Connotation
    • Stop the Armchair Quarterbacking
  • Rules of the Game
    • Rule #1: Always Get the Data
    • Rule #2: Follow Your Principles
    • Rule #3: Take Care of Your Team
    • Rule #4: Trust in Your Training
    • Believe in the Process
  • How to Win the Game
    • Communication Is Key
    • Understand Your Role
    • Approaching the Sponsor with the Data
    • When Poor Decisions Have Been Made
    • The Outcome
    • Open and Honest Conversations Are Necessary
    • Conclusion
    • Congratulations!

Technical Requirements

  • Cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher, or any version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.
  • Requires a device (computer or tablet—6 inch screen minimum) connected to the Internet.
  • Broadband Internet recommended.
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in your browser.
  • Pop-ups should be allowed.
  • This course will use data if viewed in a mobile environment.

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