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Course Policies – Please Read Before Purchasing

There are several eLearning related policies that RMC would like to make you aware of prior to your purchase of this product. Please read each of these carefully, as these policies will be strictly enforced.

  • Your Subscription Begins the First Time You Log In – Within 24 hours of receiving your purchase confirmation, you will receive a second email containing a Username and Password for our eLearning site. Your course subscription begins the first time you use this Username and Password to log in and access the course. RMC recommends that you write down the date and time of your first login, so you may keep track of your account expiration. Access to any particular course will automatically be disabled by our system after the purchased number of days, so we encourage you to manage your time wisely and always be aware of the time you have remaining. Please refer to the appropriate product description to determine the length in days of the subscription you are purchasing.
  • eLearning Users are Not Allowed to Share Account Access – Under no circumstances is it permissible for two or more people to share the same eLearning account. An eLearning account is similar to a software license, in that the permission to use the service lies solely with one person. eLearning subscriptions are not transferable, and cannot be shared or resold. If account activity indicates multiple users on one account, the account will be terminated immediately and no refund will be given.
  • eLearning Users are Not Allowed to Teach or Instruct from ANY Online Courses – Although there are a number of people teaching directly (with permission) from RMC's books and other printed materials, no one will be given permission to use RMC's eLearning courses as instructional tools for ANY REASON. Doing this is equivalent to sharing account access, and as stated above this is strictly prohibited.
  • There are No Refunds Available for eLearning – If you are unsure whether or not your computer system is compatible with RMC's eLearning applications, we encourage you to take the free sample lesson associated with the particular online course prior to purchasing. If your system presents the graphics, audio and video in this sample correctly, you should have no problem using RMC's eLearning based materials.
  • You are Responsible for Verifying System Requirements – It is your responsibility to make sure these eLearning courses are compatible with your system.
    Please Click Here to Review System Requirements for RMC's courses.
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