The PMI-ACP® Exam Has Changed—Are You Ready?

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Did you know the PMI-ACP® exam changed in October of 2015? Do you know what these changes are? Have you planned a course of action? If not, the information below—as well as our free downloadable report A Guide to the PMI-ACP Exam Change—can help! Review the details below and download the free report, and feel free to contact us directly at if you have additional questions.

What Was the Exam Change Overview and Timeline?

Starting in the summer of 2015, PMI® began to make some changes to the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) examination. The changes to the exam took effect during a Pilot Period from July 15 to October 14, 2015, when PMI tested the grading scale for the new version of the exam. Once the Pilot Period concluded, a new version of the exam went into effect starting on October 15, 2015. At this point, there will be no further changes to the exam, in theory, for at least three to four years.

How Did This Affect Exam Takers?

For people who were planning to take the exam before the Pilot Period or during it, the existing edition (first edition) of our book PMI-ACP® Exam Prep, Premier Edition and its related suite of products covered all the topics students needed to understand, and was the most comprehensive study resource for the exam through the end of the Pilot Period. The same applied to our 21-hour PMI-ACP® Self-Directed eLearning Course. That said, we have released a new set of study materials for the updated exam—a book, a set of flashcards, and an exam simulation application. This gave students plenty of time to study for the new PMI-ACP® exam after October 15th, if they chose to wait until then.

If you had purchased the course prior to October 15th and have not completed it, you may contact Customer Service at 952.846.4484 and get switched over to the current Interim Edition of the PMI-ACP® Course at no charge.

How Can I Get More Information?

As mentioned above, RMC has prepared a very short document titled A Guide to the PMI-ACP® Exam Change, which you may download for free at any time. This complimentary report will explain things like why the exam changed, what exactly changed, and how these changes will affect your preparation for taking the PMI-ACP® exam. This report will also offer a few key dates PMI-ACP® aspirants need to be aware of. So please read through this information carefully, and feel free to forward this page link on to any friends, colleagues or co-workers who might be interested as well.

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