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Jean McKay, PMP, MSCIS
Faculty Instructor and PM Trainer
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Creating a Winning Work Breakdown Structure—Instructor-Led Virtual

Jean McKay, PMP, MSCIS

Price: $349
PDUs: 6
Time: 9am to 4pm CST

RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) is now delivering its most popular project management, business analysis and agile training classes in a live and virtual format! Using one of the top online learning facilitation tools in the world, students will experience true, classroom-style learning in front of their own computer. In addition to world-class instruction from experienced instructors, our Instructor-Led Virtual classes will feature live chat, white boards, breakout rooms, file sharing, testing/quizzing, and dozens of other learning-based features.

Class Description

This accelerated learning course is designed to prepare you to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your own, real world projects. Expanding upon the (WBS) section of our popular Project Management Tricks of the Trade class, you will learn the benefits of the WBS in project management, and practice creating several Work Breakdown Structures with the help of the instructor and your classmates. You will be given a unique opportunity to begin creating your WBS for your current real world project.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will know and understand:

  • What is a WBS
  • What are project deliverables and the product of the project
  • Uses and benefits of a WBS in project management
  • Different approaches and formats for creating a WBS
  • What is and is not included in a WBS
  • How to create a WBS
  • How to use a WBS to justify resources, manage many aspects of the project, and help team members understand how their roles and deliverables aid in achieving project goals.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the WBS
    • Definitions
    • WBS Benefits and Uses
  • Approaches for Creating the WBS
    • What Is and Is Not Included in the WBS
    • Concepts by Industry and Project Life Cycle
    • WBS vs. the Project Schedule
    • WBS Examples and Formats
  • Creating the WBS
    • WBS Methods and Best Practices
    • Decomposition
    • Numbering Scheme and Naming Convention
  • WBS Dictionary
    • Purpose of the WBS Dictionary
    • Top Down and Bottom Up
  • Using the WBS and WBS Dictionary
  • Action Plan
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