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Elaine Marans

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Business Analysis: A Critical Role on Projects—Instructor-Led Virtual

Delivered by Elaine Marans, PMP, CBAP, PMI-PBA

Price: $249
4 (for PMI® Certifications)
4 (for IIBA® Certifications)
Time: 10am to 2pm CST
Nov. 8th, 2017 Register Now

RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) is now delivering its most popular project management, business analysis and agile training classes in a live and virtual format! Using one of the top online learning facilitation tools in the world, students will experience true, classroom-style learning in front of their own computer. In addition to world-class instruction from experienced instructors, our Instructor-Led Virtual classes will feature live chat, white boards, breakout rooms, file sharing, testing/quizzing, and dozens of other learning-based features.

Class Description

The disciplines of Project Management and Business Analysis are closely tied together, with some organizations combining the two roles, and others delineating them and assigning different individuals to each. To be effective in either role, professionals must have a clear understanding of both the work involved AND their personal abilities. This 4-hour course will define the two disciplines, as well as give students the opportunity to assess their personal skills as they relate to each role. The course will also offer specific suggestions for building strong PM/BA partnerships, and outline solutions for managing work when one person is assigned to perform both roles. Whether you are a Project Manager or Business Analyst—or both—this course will increase the value you bring to your organization!

* NOTE: This class is a replacement for RMC's recently retired "Project Manager or Business Analyst: Who Am I?" offering. If you have previously taken our "PM or BA" class, please do not register for this one. Instead, consider our Business Analysis Fundamentals course for additional BA-related training.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define the project management and business analysis disciplines
  • Assess their personal strengths and interests for each of the two disciplines
  • Implement strategies and tactics for building a strong PM/BA partnership
  • More effectively operate simultaneously in both roles when necessary

Class Materials

Students receive a copy of the Business Analysis Fundamentals Workbook, and supplemental materials that provide the exercises and case studies that are used and referenced throughout the class.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Project management – what is it?
    • Business analysis – what is it?
    • Why are there two separate disciplines? What are the differences?
    • Who does what?
  • Assessing Your Personal Strengths and Interests
    • Discuss the skills needed for PM and BA work
    • Assess the skills needed primarily for project management work
    • Assess the skills needed primarily for business analysis work
    • Assess overlapping skills and interests
    • Consider tasks you dislike and skills you would like to improve
  • Building a Great PM/BA Partnership
    • Work together at the beginning of the project to:
      • Identify all stakeholders and assess their involvement and needs
      • Develop a clear project and product (solution) scope
      • Develop a cohesive communication plan
      • Identify project and business risks
      • Build a comprehensive project plan
    • Follow the plan, check progress frequently, and adjust as necessary
  • Going It Alone: What to Do When You Do BOTH Jobs
    • Recognize the volume and nature of the work
    • Communicate to management, sponsor and stakeholders
    • Get a mentor PM or BA to offset your weaknesses
    • Schedule dedicated time for each role
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