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Elaine Marans

Instructor and PM Trainer
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Common Risk Management Errors That Can Ruin Your Career
—Instructor-Led Virtual

Elaine Marans, PMP, CBAP, PMI-PBA

Price: $249
PDUs: 4 (or 4 PMI-RMP Training Hours)
Time: 10am to 2pm CST

RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) is now delivering its most popular project management, business analysis and agile training classes in a live and virtual format! Using one of the top online learning facilitation tools in the world, students will experience true, classroom-style learning in front of their own computer. In addition to world-class instruction from experienced instructors, our Instructor-Led Virtual classes will feature live chat, white boards, breakout rooms, file sharing, testing/quizzing, and dozens of other learning-based features.

Class Description

Do you want to control your projects instead of having them control you? Managing risks could be the answer—but avoiding the mistakes others have made is key to overall project success. Two International studies conducted by Rita Mulcahy have shown that MOST companies are repeatedly making the same mistakes when it comes to Risk Management. Don't fall into these traps! This humorous and informative presentation will provide you with a list of the most common Risk Management errors—ones that have the potential to cost you your job—as well as tips on how to avoid them.

Through presentation, exercises and examples this course will cover the process of risk management, explain the errors people make each step of the way and provide Tricks of the Trade® from around the world for advanced risk management. Based on Rita Mulcahy's award winning book Risk Management Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers, this captivating course is full of real world information.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the risk management process
  • Improve their ability to identify risks on real world projects
  • Identify gaps in knowledge that may hurt projects and project managers
  • Avoid common risk management errors others are making
  • Apply new Tricks of the Trade® for managing risk on projects
  • Become a better project manager

Course Outline

  • The Risk Management Process
    • Identifying Risks
    • Creating a Short List
    • What to Do Next
    • Manage Your Project to the Risk Response Plan
  • Common Risk Mistakes
    • Doing Risk Management at the Wrong Time
    • Forgetting About Opportunities
    • Identifying Risks by Project Only
    • Not Identifying Enough Risks
    • Improperly Naming Risks
    • Missing Entire Risk Categories
    • Using Only One Identification Method
  • Qualitative Risk Mistakes
    • Taking Too Long
    • Relying on Software to Manage Project Risk
  • Risk Response Planning Mistakes
    • Not Realizing that Risk Management Can Help Prove the Value of PM
    • Spending Too Little Time Planning How to Eliminate or Deal With Risks
  • Risk Monitoring & Control Mistakes
    • Not Putting Action Plan in Place BEFORE Any Risk Occurs
    • Wasting Time Doing the Wrong Things While the Project Work Is Being Done
    • Forgetting About Risks While The Work Is Being Done
    • Not Including Risks in Reports
    • Neglecting Risk Monitoring & Control Activities
    • Not Holding Risk Reviews or Reassessments
    • Finalizing Contracts Without Risk Management Input
    • Not Pushing Back
  • Conclusion and Next Steps
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