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Jean McKay, PMP, MSCIS
Faculty Instructor and PM Trainer
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Secrets for Dealing with Difficult Teams—Instructor-Led Virtual

Jean McKay, PMP, MSCIS

Price: $699
PDUs: 12
Time: 1st Day: 9am to 4pm CST
2nd Day: 9am to 4pm CST
Jun. 6th - 7th, 2017 Register Now

RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) is now delivering its most popular project management, business analysis and agile training classes in a live and virtual format! Using one of the top online learning facilitation tools in the world, students will experience true, classroom-style learning in front of their own computer. In addition to world-class instruction from experienced instructors, our Instructor-Led Virtual classes will feature live chat, white boards, breakout rooms, file sharing, testing/quizzing, and dozens of other learning-based features.

Class Description

As many experienced project managers know, the biggest problem encountered on projects is not related to resources or budget or technology, but to people—more specifically, communication with people. Getting people to work as a unit instead of a group of individuals is both challenging and frustrating, especially when team members are chosen ad hoc or assigned by upper management.

Secrets for Dealing with Difficult Teams will help you identify issues associated with bringing individuals together to work as a team, as well as review the sources of problems that affect teams. During this 12-hour course, you will learn to use tools and techniques to achieve collaboration and communication within your existing team, as well as identify and solve team-related problems before they get out of control. Team leaders as well as team members can benefit from this course, and will take away insights, tricks and best practices they can use as soon as the class is over.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

Course Outline

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