New Release: Project Branding by Peter Taylor

Using Marketing to Win the Hearts and Minds of Stakeholders

Project Branding
Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

Developed by Peter Taylor

In Project Branding, best-selling author Peter Taylor gives project managers the tools they need to overcome this challenge—and win the hearts and minds of stakeholders. This invaluable strategy guide is the first of its kind to bring the disciplines of marketing and project management together, and show how proactively marketing projects to stakeholders can help overcome stalls and objections, keep the project running smoothly, and even generate enthusiasm and support! Through the use of case studies and a chapter dedicated specifically to "branding" your project, this book will help project managers of all experience levels generate loyalty and maximize stakeholder buy-in.

Within these pages you'll find:

  • Concrete tips and ideas you can use to market your own projects
  • Case studies about creating project brands, making use of existing brands, and dealing with branding challenges
  • Guidelines to help stakeholders embrace project-driven change
  • A step-by-step guide to branding a project
  • Tips for leveraging other projects and brands
  • Anecdotes and real-life examples

If you've ever struggled to gain support for your projects, you need to read this book today!

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