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Risk Management, Tricks of the Trade®
Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

Developed by Rita Mulcahy

Who has time to waste? If you want to make a big difference on projects, Risk Management is the key! This practical and easy-to-use Course in a Book® is based on years of project experience and teaching risk management to IT, IS, construction, new product development, aerospace, manufacturing, e-business, pharmaceutical, and utility professionals. It contains:

  • Tricks of the Trade® from 141 worldwide contributors
  • Subjects and innovative tricks that no one else has written about
  • A methodology that prevents many of the problems faced on projects
  • Over a thousand sample risks and risk categories
  • Risk management templates to adapt to your projects
  • Games and exercises to increase your knowledge in fun ways

Very different than anything else available, this book is a must-have as the primary text for risk management courses,
for people who want a clear and effective way to apply risk management to projects. Learn things you can apply NOW
to your projects today!

The Practice Standard for Project Risk Management
Published by The Project Management Institute, Inc.

The Practice Standard for Project Risk Management is recommended as a study resource for PMI's Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP®) examination, along with Rita Mulcahy's second edition Risk Management book (above). Written for project managers, project team members, supervisors and stakeholders, the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management outlines the processes of effective risk management:

  • Plan Risk Management
  • Identify Risks
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Monitor and Control Risks

This practice standard can be used by project management practitioners to validate the risk management process being employed in a specific situation, project or organization.

SIRK-Kit Risk Analysis Kit
Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

A fast and FUN way to collect and sort risks, this kit provides you with the materials and the method for determining the probability and impact of 100 risks in around 10 minutes.

The SIRK-Kit Risk Analysis Kit includes:

  • One copy of Risk Management Tricks of the Trade® for Project Managers, including instructions for using the rest of the Kit
  • A 6' X 6' Risk Analysis Chart to sort and qualify risks
  • 10 packages of 50 each of RMC Risk Notes to use to record identified risks and relevant information about the risk for use in the entire risk management process

Common Risk Management Errors That Can Ruin Your Career – Online Workshop

This unique 4-hour online workshop, developed by world renowned PM trainer and award-winning Risk Management author Rita Mulcahy, will provide you with a real-world, step by step approach to using risk management and give you the Tricks of the Trade® from around the world—tricks that that you can begin using as soon as you return to your project. In addition to a complete overview of the risk management process, Rita will review common mistakes that others make—and teach you how to avoid them.

Risk Management Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers – Online Course

This world-class online course will provide attendees with the Tricks of the Trade® from around the world for understanding and applying risk management. Risk management helps senior managers, project managers, team members and stakeholders be more proactive, prevent project problems instead of just dealing with them, and eliminate up to 90% of the things that can go wrong on projects.

If you would like more information, please Click Here to preview an actual sample of this course. No registration is required.

SIRK-Kit Risk Analysis Chart
Copyright © RMC Publications, Inc.

Purchase the Risk Analysis Chart as part of the Kit above, or separately. This is a 6′ X 6′ chart to sort and qualify risks.

Instructions for its use are included in the book Risk Management Tricks of the Trade® for Project Managers.

RMC Risk Notes
Copyright © RMC Publications, Inc.

These sticky notes make risk management fast and fun. RMC Risk Notes are used throughout the risk management process. Instructions for their use are included in the book Risk Management Tricks of the Trade® for Project Managers. Purchase 10 pads of 50 notes.

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