Stop Playing Games! by Rick A. Morris

A Project Manager's Guide to Successfully Navigating Organizational Politics

Stop Playing Games!, by best-selling author Rick A. Morris, takes a completely different look at project management, using games like "The Pricing Game," "Guess the Truth" and "Grapevine" to illustrate and help readers overcome organizational politics on projects.

Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 The Status of Our Profession
    • The Halo Effect...Gone Wild!
    • Not Everybody Can Be a Project Manager!
    • It Takes More Than Activity Lists...
    • An Alternative to Apathy or Acceptance of the Mediocre
  • Chapter 2 Finding Value in Project Management
    • Why Is It Difficult to Articulate Value?
    • The Issue with Project Selection
    • How Should Projects Be Selected?
  • Chapter 3 The Pricing Game
    • Coming In Under Budget Can Be Just as Bad!
    • How to Utilize Pert
    • Use Risk Management and Risk Information
    • Never Just Throw a Number
  • Chapter 4 Guess the Truth!
    • It Is What It Is!
    • Force the Decision—Ask for What You Need!
    • Make Assumptive Statements
    • Don't Throw It If You Don't Know It!
  • Chapter 5 Grapevine
    • Communicate Often
    • Change Your Methods of Communication
    • The Issue Log Game
  • Chapter 6 The Right Price
    • Pricing Estimator
    • Honest Conversations
    • Fixed Price versus Time and Material Contracts
  • Chapter 7 Hit the Rodent
    • Learn the Tool!
    • Data = Getting What You Need
    • Don't Force It!
  • Chapter 8 Marco! Polo!
    • A Plan Is a Must
    • Acting as If a Mistake Is Not Made
    • Losing the Forest because of the Trees
  • Chapter 9 Armchair Quarterback
    • You Might Reap What You Sow
    • There Is No Crying in Project Management!
    • Assume the Best
  • Chapter 10 Rules of the Game
    • Always Get the Data
    • Make Sure You Are Following Your Principles
    • Take Care of Your Team
    • Trust in Your Training
  • Chapter 11 How to Win the Game
    • Crafting Effective Messages to Build Trust
    • Have Actionable Outcomes
    • Become a Real Project Manager!
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