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All RMC Trade Publications in ePUB Format Only $9.99 Each
PM Crash Course®, Second Edition—ePUB Version
By Rita Mulcahy et. al., Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

Do you manage small projects where you are the primary or possibly the only resource? Do you coach, mentor or manage project managers? Are you in charge of training and development for a Project Management Office (PMO)? If so, the second edition of RMC's best-selling book PM Crash Course®: A Guide to What REALLY Matters When Managing Projects offers project management tools and techniques that can be implemented TODAY—by any project team member at any level of experience. The book also offers help with real-world project management issues, including:

  • Finalizing what is being asked of you
  • Breaking down projects into manageable pieces
  • Identifying and managing project stakeholders
  • Preventing scope creep and missed deadlines
  • Proving your success, and getting credit for it
  • Preventing problems, instead of dealing with them AFTER they happen

This book also offers brand new material on Agile Practices, The Role of Business Analysis on Projects and Updated Industry Terms and Definitions. Originally written by Rita Mulcahy and updated by Barbara A. Carkenord and Sonja L. Almlie, this book will help you acquire proven practices to complete projects on time, on budget and with fewer headaches.

Project Branding—ePUB Version
By Peter Taylor, Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

In Project Branding, best-selling author Peter Taylor gives project managers the tools they need to overcome this challenge—and win the hearts and minds of stakeholders. This invaluable strategy guide is the first of its kind to bring the disciplines of marketing and project management together, and show how proactively marketing projects to stakeholders can help overcome stalls and objections, keep the project running smoothly, and even generate enthusiasm and support! Through the use of case studies and a chapter dedicated specifically to "branding" your project, this book will help project managers of all experience levels generate loyalty and maximize stakeholder buy-in. Within these pages you'll find:

  • Concrete tips and ideas you can use to market your own projects
  • Case studies about creating project brands and dealing with branding challenges
  • Guidelines to help stakeholders embrace project-driven change
  • A step-by-step guide to branding a project
  • Tips for leveraging other projects and brands
  • Anecdotes and real-life examples

If you've ever struggled to gain support for your projects, you need to read this book today.

Stop Playing Games!—ePUB Version
By Rick A. Morris, Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

This one-of-a-kind book from the author of Project Management That Works! and The Everything Project Management Book dives deep into the topics of gaining buy-in from upper management, accurately estimating time and cost, controlling project communication, managing within corporate culture, taking care of your team, and more. Issues covered in this book include:

  • Presenting management with realistic options
  • Getting your point across without confrontation
  • Controlling the message and the communication channels
  • Utilizing honesty and trust as a project management tool
  • Knowing what is under your control, and what is not
  • Overcoming poor project management conditions
  • Making real change happen—without taking things personally

If navigating organizational politics is stifling your ability to effectivly manage projects, you need to read this book today.

Managing the Gray Areas, Premier Edition—ePUB Version
By Jerry Manas, Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

This groundbreaking book by best-selling author Jerry Manas touches on topics such as principles, values, ethics, decision-making, incentives, staffing, critical thinking, and communication—pulling ideas from a wide variety of knowledge areas. Managing the Gray Areas explores typical challenges that many leaders of people, projects and organizations struggle with, and offers a set of guidelines, principles, and tools that can help navigate these murky waters. Challenges and issues covered in this groundbreaking new book include the following:

  • Ensuring accountability without micromanagement
  • Implementing the right level of internal processes
  • Balancing individual needs with organizational goals
  • Communicating with simplicity and context
  • Assembling teams and team makeup
  • Creating positive images for organizations, teams and products
  • Creating flexible, yet integrated organizations
  • And more.

If you believe that true leadership is about understanding and managing complexities instead of taking black and white approaches to problems, order this book today.

PM Crash Course™ for IT Professionals—ePUB Version
By Rita Mulcahy and Martha L. Young, Published by Cisco Press and RMC Publications, Inc.

PM Crash Course™ for IT Professionals is full of project management tools that you can apply immediately to your IT projects—to deliver them on time, on budget, and with fewer headaches. Authored by world-renowned project management trainer Rita Mulcahy and technology business expert Martha Young, this book will help you get your IT projects back on track using proven, real-world project management tools and techniques. This book covers dozens of real-world IT project management issues, including:

  • Understanding why IT projects fail—and preventing failure.
  • Defining effective IT project charters and requirements.
  • Organizing IT roadmaps into manageable projects.
  • Capturing, creating, and using historical data.
  • Establishing "soft" and "hard" project metrics and milestones.
  • Defining project scope, and avoiding scope creep.
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders and expectations.

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